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Matthew Ferin - Bristol Shiatsu Practitioner


Home Clinic Sessions Now Available

As I continue to look for a quiet friendly clinic space I'm temporarily offering sessions from my home. I will continue to primarily offer visits but a number of you have found that difficult to arrange so for now, coming to me is an option.

Gift Vouchers Available

What do you get the person that has everything? Shiatsu gift vouchers that's what! I can post you a voucher for no additional charge so there's something to put in a card etc. Contact me with any queries.

Therapy Room Closures, Home Visits Only

All the therapy rooms I've been working from have closed due to the pandemic and are unlikely to re-open. Once times have settled down again I will look for another lovely space. In the immediate future I will only be offering home visits.

Want £10 off a Session? Try my Referral Scheme

After any session with me you can request (or I'll just give you) some referral cards. You can then give these to anyone you feel would like a go. When they hand the voucher in after their 1st treatment I'll take £10 off for them and for your next visit too! They will however only apply to full price sessions. This is a great way to introduce new people to the benefits of Shiatsu and keep the price down for yourself!

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Welcome to Bristol Shiatsu with Matthew Ferin

Thank you for visiting the site. I am a professional Shiatsu Practitioner offering one to one Shiatsu treatments in Bristol, UK.  

Shiatsu is a specialised form of Japanese Massage. Literally translated, Shiatsu means 'Finger Pressure'. Shiatsu is more than 'just' a massage however. Shiatsu has its basis in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It utilises the same pressure points or 'Tsubos' as Acupuncture, and incorporates Zen theory along with contemporary psychological/physiological understanding.

This unique viewpoint is one of the real strengths of Shiatsu as a healing practice. Shiatsu is a holistic and integrated style of healing encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of human experience. As a holistic treatment I look to treat the whole person and not just the "symptoms".

Shiatsu works on a basic level by contacting energetic channels that run through the body called Meridians. These Meridians (which connect the tsubos) can become blocked or stagnant and Shiatsu works to return balance to these channels using gentle pressure applied mainly with the palm and fingers.

Shiatsu can help restore you and enhance your feeling of well being, it can be practised either therapeutically or just as a great way to relax and unwind.

What can you treat with Shiatsu?

Many different issues can be resolved through Shiatsu. It is in no way limited to physical issues either, shiatsu is very effective dealing with all areas of a person, so emotional and mental problems are very treatable too. Some of the issues I have found great success dealing with include:

Stress, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Back Pain, Wrist Pain, Neuralgia and suppressed emotions.

Contact me if you want to discuss whether Shiatsu can help you.

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